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Lurata Lyon.

Motivational Speaker, Public Speaking &
Presenting Coach


I offer a unique and individual perspective on coaching and development, drawing upon my very own journey of survival and path to success.

From the trauma of enduring war in the former Yugoslavia, being held captive and suffering abuse and torture, through to escaping to the United Kingdom.

I have arrived stronger and appreciative of life, my goal to motivate, inspire and lead people through their own development to become the best possible version of themselves, personally and in the workplace.

How I can help you?


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My motivational speaking is focused on great energy, a ‘glass half full’ lens on life, and turning the darkest moments into a positive outcome.  I like to give a brutally honest account of the years that were taken from me, how I remained strong and tackled what seemed like hopeless situations, ultimately becoming the person you see smiling in front of you here.
Public Speaking

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A unique framework to enable people to be confident and compelling presenters, going deep into body language, breathing, tonality, and storey telling.  I have a track record of turning the most anxious and nervous individuals into the finished article, and tooling up even the most accomplished speakers to command ever better stage presence.
Wellbeing and
Lifestyle Plans

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There is now huge amounts of data to support the benefits of exercise, breathing / meditation, sleep and nutrition to combat stress and anxiety.
I draw upon my vast experience and qualifications as a fitness trainer, nutritionist and wellbeing coach to provide bespoke lifestyle plans that lead to peak performance and achieving your personal best.
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Managing Director 

"Yahoo engaged Lurata Lyon to provide training across a breadth of presentation disciplines and results were both instant, blatantly apparent and instantly provide ROI. I would not hesitate to recommend Lurata Lyon to anyone looking to invest in their employee skill development and progression."


CEO & Founder

"Having Lurata train my teams on presentation skills was just an eye opener, there is always room for improvement and gain more confidence."

ClearView Group:


"Speaking to the team just now the feedback has been extremely positive and I could see myself the improvement that is on display following your training." 

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London, UK

Tel: +44 796 701 4212


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